Why Pro@Servers?

ProAtServers.com was founded just a few years ago but has made huge strides to become better each year by expanding the range of services offered. One of our goals is to allow people who know very little about running a server a chance to run one. Pro@Servers is still the only company that offers to help customers configure their servers how ever they would like it with custom game modifications and maps. Here we spend time with our customers to make sure they get everything out of the server that they want. Our servers are reliable, stable, and secure so you can trust that when you buy from Pro@Servers your server will always be up and working to your desired specifications. If you give us a chance you will not be disappointed.


Pro@Servers is not a company that builds something and is satisfied with it, we are always building on our knowledge and technology to make sure that customers are getting the most out of their money. We also take customer feedback very seriously and have used the feedback to make Pro@Servers better whether it's adding games to our list of hosted games or adjusting our server's security to better handle DDoS attacks all knowledge is taken into consideration.